Old guy goes into a bar. He sidles up to a much younger woman and sits down. “So tell me,” he says in his most charming tone. “Do I come here often?”

Let me introduce myself.  In 2015, I retired from a 35-year writing career.  Four months later, I turned 70.  Those two milestones had a larger-than-anticipated impact on my self-image and my lifestyle.

Okay, okay, I had anticipated some of the changes.  I knew, for example, that 70 is not the new 40.  And that retirement would be different from working every day. (Duh!)  But I didn’t anticipate the degree of different I would feel as a 70-year-old retired guy.

So I began writing about it. I enjoyed writing about it so much that I wondered if other people might be interested in following my journey. Eventually, I decided to create this blog: Old Guy.

I wrote the first Old Guy post – “Life changing” – in early 2016. Over the next few months, I wrote 8 or 9 other segments that described what was going on in my transitional life at the time. When read in sequence, those early posts describe the sequence of a changing lifestyle. At the beginning of that sequence, my wife and I lived in a three-story house; today, we live in a condo. And life is good.

More currently, my Old Guy writings will explore other aspects of my old guy lifestyle after making the initial transitional moves.

Bottom line:  Old Guy is envisioned as a description of, and reflection upon, one person’s journey from who he was to who he is… a journey that ultimately results, I hope, in understanding and celebrating the limitations and advantages of being an old guy.